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Judith’s Message to You

Thank you all for your amazing support of my work and of my beloved book Second Sight. As a physician, I know how vital it is to incoporate intuition into your health and healing. Intuition is the best friend you will ever have. If you follow it you can’t go wrong.

“There is no elite to which the gift of intuition belongs…the seeds have been planted in us all…each of us is multifaceted, radiant, teeming with possibilities.” ~ From “Second Sight”

With love and appreciation,

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SECOND SIGHT is a riveting story of Dr. Judith Orloff’s exile between two worlds--intuition and mainstream medicine. The book reveals her journey from an intuitive child, alone with confusing abilities, to an esteemed psychiatrist who comes out of the "intuitive closet" to defy medical taboos.

As she tells you her own story, Dr. Orloff will teach you how to recognize intuitive experiences in everyday life, awaken your own intuition with special mind-empowering exercises, and use meditation, prayer, and dream interpretation to broaden your possibilities. And like Dr. Orloff you'll soon be on a quest to reexamine your life, your beliefs, your future...and your own wondrous potential.

In Second Sight you will discover how to:

Use intuition to "read" yourself and others

Open to the magic of synchronicities and déjà vu

Remember and interpret your dreams

Use intuition to heal yourself

Cultivate intuitive empathy without absorbing people's
negativity and stress

...and so much more!

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“An exemplary and eloquently written story that makes it easy for nonbelievers in intuition to believe. You must read this book.”
Psychology Today

“Judith Orloff is a seriously talented storyteller, and her book moves like a thriller...Forgive me this moment of intuition, but this book feels right.”
Jesse Kornbluth – Huffington Post

“ Dr. Orloff’s self-portrait as an intuitive psychiatrist is filled with love and a truth born of an extraordinary gift.”
Norman Lear – Writer, producer

“Second Sight is a page turner...inspiring...controversial. It chronicles the adventures of a courageous physician who fights against a skeptical medical system to validate intuition. You'll  find a new friend in Judith--her writing style is as intimate as if she was talking to you in her living room.”
Joan Borysenko, Phd – Author, Mending the Mind, Minding the Spirit

“Fascinating...Dr. Orloff writes with wisdom and humility about her emergence as a physician with extraordinary abilities. Highly recommended.”
Dean Ornish, M.D. – Author, Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease

“Poignant…courageous and refreshing. Must reading for all.”
Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14 Astronaut, Author, Way of the Explorer

“One of those rare books that has the potential to create shock waves and revolutions within a profession..”
Larry Dossey, MD – Author, Healing Words

“We are far more than we have allowed ourselves to be. Judith Orloff helps us understand that simple truth.”
Louise Hay – Author of You Can Heal Your Life

“Orloff tried to stave her intuitions off during medical school until she found herself “trapped” in a profession that was itself dependent on dispensing drugs to silence the spirit...To listen only to the mind and not the soul is, Orloff believes, a form of insanity”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Thank you for the heartfelt love and devotion you put into Second Sight. I cannot find the words to express the gratitude, inspiration, and determination I’ve received from your book.”
Lizz, a reader of “Second Sight”


Now is the time to ignite your intuition...and it couldn’t be more perfect! Learn empowering, practical techniques to awaken your own intuitive powers to transform your health and life!

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