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Daniel Amen - Introduction to The Brain Warrior's Way

The Brain Warrior's Way by Daniel & Tana Amen will help you to develop mastery over your brain to reverse aging and improve overall health, ignite your energy and focus, attack illness and aging, and transform pain into purpose. Receive the entire introduction of the book and see how the Brain Warrior's mindset can help you win the war for your health.

Emmanuel Dagher - Releasing Self Sabotage Once and For All


Receive FREE instant access to Release Self Sabotage Once and for All!

(Previously sold for $175)

Mind Movie Video “Affirmations for Sensitive People”

Download Dr. Orloff’s powerful and enriching video, “Affirmations for Sensitive People” for all types of sensitive people from her book, The Empath’s Survival Guide. Watch this two minute video everyday to help you stay grounded while embracing your empathic gifts.

$125 Value of Download Products from Dr Judith Orloff including:

Developing Intuition Download Package
Intuition is a friend, it keeps a vigilant eye on our bodies, letting us know if something is out of synch. Learn how to understand its nuances, its secrets, and codes to make better decisions in your life. 

How to Stay Positive in Uncertain Times MP3
In this uplifting workshop, Dr. Judith Orloff discusses the power of staying positive no matter what is happening in your life. She shares with you how to blend intuition and analytic thinking to overcome any obstacles. 

Tapping into Your Energy Awareness MP3
Dr. Orloff helps her listeners discover their innate intuitive empathy -- the ability to sense and absorb the energy of people and places around you -- and learn how to work with it in a positive fashion to experience life to the fullest.

How to Stop Absorbing Other People's Energy MP3
Have you been labeled as overly sensitive? Do you take on the stress and symptoms of others? Do you feel drained by people, crowds, conflict, or difficult situations? In this recorded teleseminar, Dr. Orloff shares with participants strategies on how to protect your energy and stop absorbing the stress of the world. 

Narcissist Survival Guide PDF
Of all the types of draining people the full blown narcissist—versus someone with a few narcissistic traits--is the most dangerous because they have an “empathy-deficient” disorder. It’s important to understand the narcissist so you can have realistic expectations when dealing with someone who may be one.

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Positive Energy & Emotional Freedom Download Package MP3/MP4

Six empowering audio and video downloads
to awaken Positive Energy and
Emotional Freedom, including:


Boost Your Energy Download Package MP3/MP4

Our energy is a precious gift. Dr. Judith Orloff, a practicing psychiatrist who integrates intuition into her medical practice and is a pioneer in the new field of Energy Psychiatry offers empowering prescriptions to maximize well-being by tapping into our body's subtle energy, our most primal life force.

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Live Online Empath Support Session with Dr. Judith Orloff

Everyone who purchases six books or more of The Empath’s Survival Guide will have the opportunity to participate in a 45 minute live online Empath Support Session with Dr. Orloff to discuss your gifts and challenges as an empath or highly sensitive person. It is also open to loved ones of empaths. Each session will be limited to a maximum of 15 people. Deadline to be part of these groups is mid June, 2017 at which point dates and times will be determined. Valued at $250.00

Win One Private Session with Dr. Judith Orloff

Everyone who purchases six books or more of The Empath’s Survival Guide will be entered in a contest to win a one-on-one 45 minute private session with Dr. Orloff either in person, phone or audio Skype. Only one session will be awarded to one grand prize winner who will be announced after June 15, 2017. Valued at $300.00

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