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As a special thank you, we’ve selected some powerful and practical gifts, including the Positive Energy and Emotional Freedom Downloadable Package (6 audio and video products valued at $180) when you purchase a copy of Emotional Freedom today!

Emotional Freedom is a must-read for anyone who's feeling tired, frustrated, or stopped by fear. ~Deepak Chopra

Judith’s Message to You


I wrote Emotional Freedom to inspire an inner peace movement. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change." The more inner peace we feel as individuals, the more we can create in the world. In service to this goal, my book teaches you how to overcome fear and not absorb the negativity and stress in the world--as well as how to combat draining people from a centered, loving place. My book will show you how to stay brave, positive, and intuitive during stressful periods so you can experience all the joy you deserve. From my heart to yours, I hope you enjoy Emotional Freedom which is now out in paperback!

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Now is the time...and it couldn’t be more perfect! Imagine your life with an abundance of positive energy and Emotional Freedom.

Emotional Freedom is a road map to move from feelings of being stressed out, discouraged, or overwhelmed to feelings of calm, inspiration and serenity.

Or even if you are in a good emotional place but want to feel even better, Emotional Freedom is for you!

Picture yourself in a traffic jam but feeling utterly calm. Or not letting anyone else’s bad mood frustrate you. Imagine being peaceful instead of worrying. Or enjoying nurturing relationships and a warm sense of belonging as a replacement for loneliness. This is what it feels like when you’ve achieved emotional freedom.

In Dr. Orloff’s Emotional Freedom you will discover:

Four practical secrets to empowering your emotional life

Your emotional “type” (to better understand why you feel the way you feel and how to feel even better)

How to understand and protect your sensitivity

The way to face fear and build unstoppable courage

How to stop absorbing the emotions of others

How to communicate with compassion

...and so much more!

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Judith’s Gifts For You

Positive Energy and Emotional Freedom Downloadable Discount Package ($180 value for FREE!)

You get 6 empowering audio and video downloads to awaken positive energy and emotional freedom. These include:

  • The Emotional Freedom Self-Quiz to learn your emotional type
  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom video and audio
  • 5 Steps to Intuitive Healing video and audio
  • The Healing Power of Positive Energy audio of live workshop
  • Awaken Intuition for Health and Creativity a live video at UCLA of Judith and John Densmore, drummer of "The Doors"
  • (INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DOWNLOAD Gift #1: You will receive a PDF document with specific instructions on how to download each item when you click on the gift.)

    First lesson of Dr. Judith Orloff's new on-line course "Combating Emotional Vampires."

    To be emotional free you can't remain naive about relationships. In this practical, online course packed with solutions you will learn how to recognize and protect yourself from 'emotional vampires,' people who can drain your energy.

    Mind Body Healing Frontiers with Dr Judith Orloff, Dr Bruce Lipton, and Mingtong Gu (audio MP3)

    A lively audio discussion on how to integrate the benefits of traditional medicine with energy medicine, intuition, and the new revolutionary field of epigenetics. 1 hour 15 minutes audio

    Hale Dwoskin's movie: Letting Go: Transform Your Life - Transform the World

    Letting Go is a 1-hour and 8-minute film that explores the profound impact the simple act of letting go can have on an individual's life and the planet. Watch and experience for yourself the uniqueness of The Sedona Method in action dissolving the emotional limitations that weigh us all down...until we decide to let them go.

    Excerpt of New Book! The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way To Lose Weight and Keep It Off by Daniel Amen MD

    A simple step-by-step program to boost your brain in order to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime.

    Rev. Michael Beckwith
    “The Law of Your Life” Live audio

    The dynamic spiritual leader who touched millions in The Secret and through Agape International Spiritual Center – now shares this rousing talk on empowering your life.

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    Praise for Emotional Freedom

    “Spectacular! I recommend it to everyone who wants to overcome sabotaging emotional patterns to achieve self-mastery.”
    Candace Pert, Ph.D. –author of Molecules of Emotion

    “Emotional Freedom is a heartfelt, accessible guide…loaded with nuggets of practical and profound healing wisdom.”
    Christiane Northrup MD – author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

    “I couldn’t put this book down!”
    Caroline Myss, Ph.D. – author of Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul

    “This book offers you a path to greater health, intimacy, and compassion.”
    Dean Ornish, M.D. – author of The Spectrum and Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

    “Dr. Orloff’s wise insights about emotions serve us with wonderful clarity.”
    Neale Donald Walsch – author of Conversations with God

    “An invaluable book written by one of the finest psychiatrists of our time.”
    Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. – author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

    “This book is a lifesaver for people who are frustrated, stressed, and anxious. If you long for more joy, give yourself a gift and read this book!”
    Marci Shimoff – bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Happy for No Reason

    “A valuable guidebook for anyone who believes that greater possibilities await them, but has not yet realized them.”
    Larry Dossey, M.D. – author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

    “Both intensely informed by the wealth of Dr. Judith Orloff's professional experience and resolutely compassionate.”
    Mary Oliver – Pulitizer Prize winning poet



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