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Enhancing Your Intuition

Intuition plays an indispensable role in self-diagnosis, pain control, immune response and recovery from acute and chronic illness. As you nurture your intuitive healing capacity your body then provides the energy needed to create holistic methodologies that assist you in creating breakthroughs in anxiety, panic, depression, and other emotional blockages. This approach can be a bridge between traditional and complementary medicine.

“Dr. Orloff voices the message that intuition works as a potent therapeutic force that can help us lead smarter, saner lives. She is a serene maverick.”

“Dr. Orloff is a pioneering therapist who counsels the highly empathic.”

Dr. Judith Orloff’s Biography

Transforming the face of psychiatry, Judith Orloff MD asserts that we are keepers of an innate intuitive intelligence so perceptive that it can tell us how to heal -- and prevent -- illness. Yet intuition and spirituality are the very aspects of our wisdom usually disenfranchised from traditional health care.

Dr. Orloff advocates "a democracy of healing," wherein every aspect of our being is granted a vote in the search for total health. It is our birthright, both as health-care givers and health-care recipients, to reclaim our intuition to build energy and well-being. In response to her work, The Los Angeles Times calls Dr. Orloff "a prominent energy-based healer."

Dr. Orloff is accomplishing for psychiatry what physicians like Dean Ornish and Mehmet Oz have done for mainstream medicine -- she is proving that the links between physical, emotional, and spiritual health can't be ignored. Dr. Orloff has spoken at medical schools, hospitals, the American Psychiatric Association, Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women Summit, and alternative and traditional health forums -- venues where she presents practical intuitive tools to doctors, patients, and everyday people. Her work has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, the Oprah Magazine, Forbes and USA Today.

As a board-certified psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at UCLA, Dr. Orloff draws upon her own intuitive abilities to help her patients and workshop participants. Dr. Orloff's latest national bestseller "The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life" (Harmony Books, 2014) describes the power of letting go in everyday life, health, and wellness--an enlivening and sane alternative to pushing, forcing, and over controlling people and situations. In addition, her struggles acknowledging and then finally embracing her gift of intuition are chronicled in "Second Sight" (Warner Books). Her second book, "Dr. Orloff's: Guide to Intuitive Healing" (Three Rivers Press) shows how breakthroughs in healing our body, emotions, and sexuality can be accomplished by listening to intuition. "Positive Energy" which has been translated into 23 languages, takes a probing look at the American epidemic of exhaustion and how we can reverse it using specific strategies to build energy and combat draining people. Her New York Times Bestseller, "Emotional Freedom" describes how to transform negative emotions into positive ones with specific techniques.

Dr. Orloff begins talks by creating a bond of warmth, trust and intimacy with participants, within which they can hear and explore her ideas. Her sincerity, humor, and joy bring everyone in the audience with her -- leaving everyone certain of their own intuitive abilities, as well as Dr. Orloff's contributions to a radically new kind of medicine.

Dr. Orloff's work has been featured in O Magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Self, Cosmo, The Washington Times, and the New York Post. She has appeared on The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, CBS Early Show, CNN, PBS, and NPR. Dr. Orloff is also an Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, blogger.

Dr. Orloff was voted "Most Inspirational Person" for the Readers Choice 2012 awards on (a New York Times site.)

The Sunday Times Style in London calls Dr. Orloff "the positive energy guru."

"Dr. Judith Orloff is a model for balancing fierce left-brain intellect and right-brain compassion." --Next Ave (PBS site)




"Thank you so much for mentoring me during that initial rocky phase of med school. You helped me find the strength to stick it out."--UCLA medical student



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Sat., Oct 10, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Surrender to the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Body
UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Sun., Oct 18, 2015
Irvine, CA (near LA)
The Power of Spiritual Surrender
The Center for Spiritual Living

Wed., Oct 21, 2015
Live Teleconference with Dr. Orloff
How to Stop Absorbing Other People's Energy
Call also available to download after Oct 21st

Sat., Nov 7, 2015
Santa Barbara, CA
Surrender to the Power of Your Intuition
Center of the Heart: A Center for Spiritual Living

December 4 - 6, 2015
Stockbridge, MA
Tapping into the Power of Your Intuition Weekend Retreat
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

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