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The Power of Surrender

Let Go and Energize Your Relationships, Success and

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“One of the most important changes we can make is to shift from seeing surrender as sign of defeat, to seeing it as a land of victory inside ourselves. In The Power of Surrender, Dr. Judith Orloff offers beautiful guidance and insight into making the switch.” 

Marianne Williamson,
Author of A Return to Love

"There is no real peace, happiness, or joy without surrender. This book gives your intellect the information necessary to trust the wisdom of simply letting go."

Christiane Northrup, MD,
Author of Women's Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Reviews for National Bestseller, The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender: Let Go and Energize Your Relationships, Success and Well-Being (Harmony Books, 2014) is the perfect book to come along at the perfect time! I couldn’t put it down!

Judith Orloff MD, a UCLA psychiatrist and beloved intuitive healer, masterfully explores how the power of letting go allows you to achieve personal and spiritual freedom. Combining mainstream medicine and beyond, Dr. Orloff blows apart old ideas about heath, aging, sex, power, beauty, and money by showing that surrender is NOT defeat—it is the missing key to true success. She defines surrender as the grace of knowing when to flow with life rather than fighting it or pushing so hard you sabotage yourself.

This daring book is filled with a wealth of practical strategies to help you listen to your intuition more deeply and surrender to the wisdom of your body and the guidance of spirit—even when your ego wants to force things or when you’re overwhelmed by fear. I especially love the section on surrendering in relationships—how to surrender to love and let go of obsessive and “delusional” relationships which stand in the way of love. Also you’ll learn the art of setting boundaries with toxic people and practice the mantra: “no is a complete sentence.” The great miracle of surrender is that you can live in the passionate zone of the heart and gain deep faith in yourself and the divinity of your life. Dr. Orloff writes, "If you're like me-someone who wants to become everything you were meant to be and more-surrender is a doorway in," Savor the wisdom and joy that jumps off of the pages. Return to these lessons again and again over a lifetime. Let this book be your friend and companion as you embark on the exciting adventure of surrender.

"Dr. Judith Orloff is a model for balancing fierce left-brain intellect and right-brain compassion." -- Next Ave (PBS site)

Caroline Myss – Author "Sacred Contracts"

"In this hope-filled offering, Orloff (Emotional Freedom) posits that the only way to live a powerful, successful life is to surrender to it. Blending neuroscience, energy medicine, psychiatry, and the art of intuition, Orloff, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, addresses major life issues by breaking them into 12 different “surrenders,” including “redefining true success, power, and happiness”; the “four vital insights into power and letting go”; “cultivating impeccable communication”; and “exploring the divinity of your body and sexuality.” With a compassionate and empowering tone, she counsels others not to micromanage life details, but to be in “flow” with them and to look for the lessons in all situations as well as to refuse to live a life governed by fear. Self-assessment quizzes allow readers to measure their level of involvement in self-defeating behaviors; helpful and non-judgmental suggestions provide strategies for overcoming these negative mind-sets. Orloff demonstrates her own adherence to these principles by unflinchingly sharing her own experiences in the spirit of teaching others. (Apr.)"

Publishers Weekly Review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"

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"Go with the flow. Forget trying to control every detail. Life is lots more fun and less stressful when you let go from the get-go!"

Good Housekeeping Magazine review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"

In The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life (Harmony Books, April 2014), Dr. Orloff puts her finger on the number-one behavior that leads to ever-increasing levels of stress in our lives: pushing through, forcing things, and trying to make things happen. This well-written, easy to read, highly practical book will be invaluable for anyone who works too hard, lacks balance, feels unhealthy, is stressed out, has dissatisfying relationships, or just wants to get more joy, pleasure, and spark out of life.

The Washington Post Quote from Judith Orloff MD

Judith Orloff, a California psychiatrist, talks about the value of acceptance: “Once you surrender that fear of aging, the fear of being sick, the fear of dying — then you can truly enjoy your life.”

The Seattle Post Intelligencer  review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"

"The Ecstasy of Surrender empowers readers with the art of letting go and the secrets of manifesting power in all areas of life."

Massage and Bodywork Magazine review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"

"Stop dreaming about the life you want and start living it. Dr. Orloff explains a dozen ways in which you can let go of what you don't need so you can let in what you do need to lead a happier, fuller life."

Bella New York review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"

"The Ecstasy of Surrender: WOW! I surrender to my intuition, to my wisdom, to my inner guru, and to the moment."

Ram Dass – Author "Be Here Now"

"With wisdom, grace and good humor, Dr. Judith Orloff’s book provides a road map for helping us let go of our fears and anxieties."

Deepak Chopra – Author "What Are You Hungry For?"

"My wise and courageous colleague, Dr. Judith Orloff, has spun a brilliant book--The Ecstasy of Surrender--blending spiritual wisdom, modern medical insights, and Judith's vast intuitional skills. This book will remove blocks to your inner peace, happiness, and health. I highly recommend it."

Brian L. Weiss, MD – Author "Many Lives, Many Masters"

"One of the most important changes we can make is to shift from seeing surrender 
as sign of defeat, to seeing it as a land of victory inside ourselves. In The Ecstasy 
of Surrender, Dr. Judith Orloff offers beautiful guidance and insight into making the 

Marianne Williamson – Author "A Return to Love"

"There is no real peace, happiness, or joy without surrender. This book gives your intellect the information necessary to trust the wisdom of simply letting go."

Christiane Northrup, MD – Author "Women's Bodies, Women’s Wisdom"

"Dr. Judith Orloff not only writes eloquently about the beautiful process of 
surrender, but she demonstrates it through her open-hearted writing. She 
shows us the strength and power that comes from healthful vulnerability. 
Judith and her book The Ecstasy of Surrender are treasures!" 

Doreen Virtue– Author "The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel"

"The Ecstasy of Surrender is a stunning accomplishment. Orloff masterfully explores 
the multiple facets of letting go and discovering personal and spiritual freedom. This is a wonderful book."

Caroline Myss – Author "Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity"

"Dr. Judith Orloff captures the idea of strength through inaction, reflection, 
and surrender. This luminous book is crammed full of wisdom on every page. If we are 
ever to escape the endless cycle of aggressive, destructive activity that threatens our 
planet and our very existence, we must heed the wisdom of surrender that is Orloff's 

Larry Dossey, MD – Author "ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters"

"Really, you should warn people about your book, The Ecstasy of Surrender. Those who read it might become happy, surrendered, and emotionally free. It could happen. It's happening to me right now."

Scott, a reader in Santa Fe review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"

"After listening to the first chapter of The Ecstasy of Surrender (audiobook) I laughed and became teary-eyed at the same time. I have read other self-help books and none of them have touched me in such a way. I find Dr. Orloff's voice to be very soothing. Thank you for the inspiration."

Reader from New York review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"

"Thank you, am listening to The Power of Surrender and it is a life changer. My wide open heart is open wider but is now wiser and stronger."

Reader Review of "The Ecstasy of Surrender"


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